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Blink-182 fans don't recognize the 'old space garbage' that is Mark Hoppus


Blink-182 fans don't recognize the 'old space garbage' that is Mark HoppusLife is tough as an aging pop punk star.  Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus is having a hell of a day. Hoppus tweeted earlier Thursday that he was sitting in the corner of a museum, playing Pokémon Go all by his lonesome. SEE ALSO: Tom DeLonge still uses Blink-182’s energy as an inspiration Currently in a museum filled with priceless antiquities, sitting in a corner by myself, playing Pokémon Go. — m@®|{ µø₽₽û§️‍ (@markhoppus) July 20, 2017 Sounds kinda sad, right? Anyway, Hoppus later revealed on Twitter that he saw two separate fans wearing blink-182 shirts. Being a cool dude, Hoppus approached the fans, and complimented their band tee.  But apparently the fans were too creeped out by the old dude complimenting their clothes to notice that it was Hoppus himself.  Twice today I saw people wearing blink-182 t-shirts and said “hey cool shirt!” and got looked at like “yeah whatever you old space garbage!” — m@®|{ µø₽₽û§️‍ (@markhoppus) July 20, 2017 One of the fans even saw the band perform last night.  the first dude glanced at me confusedly, looked down at his shirt, and goes “oh yeah. just saw them in concert last night” and walked away. — m@®|{ µø₽₽û§️‍ (@markhoppus) July 20, 2017 Literally in the matter of 30 minutes. Two different people. Both like “Yeah. blink-182. What about it?” — m@®|{ µø₽₽û§️‍ (@markhoppus) July 20, 2017 The band Sorority Noise shared a similar experience. one time i complemented someone for wearing our shirts at the mall and they looked at me, scoffed, and said “like you would know” — Sorority Noise (@sororitynoise) July 20, 2017 It’s ok, Mark. We’re sure some of your old fans can not only relate, but would totally recognize you. Blink-182 is currently on tour, despite an exit of guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge. Matt Skiba of the band Alkaline Trio is currently filling in, but can anyone truly fill those Vans?  WATCH: Daenerys’ crew is giving us squad goals




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