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Fernando Alonso could be looking for a new team after 2017 F1 season



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Fernando Alonso says he is not willing to wait much longer for Honda to improve.

McLaren headed into the Sochi weekend hopeful of better reliability, but a failure for Stoffel Vandoorne in practice means Alonso’s teammate has now already run through his engine allocation for 2017.

“It is incredible that it happens in the fourth race. We’ve had a lot of failures and having them in practice does not give you great confidence,” Alonso told Spanish media. “The car is as it was in Bahrain, so if we had problems in the first three races, we will have them here, in Barcelona, in Monaco.”

“I don’t think we have anything (new) until Canada. For McLaren, we are going to bring aerodynamic improvements in every race, and in Canada we hope that something comes from Honda that gets us at least in the fight.”

Coupled with the poor performance, Alonso– whose contract runs out at the end of the season– called the situation “incredible”.

“Maybe I’m towards the end of my F1 career,” Spain’s El Mundo Deportivo quotes him as saying. “I’m 35 years old so I’m sure I have less time to race than I have already raced. How much am I willing to wait? Well, not much, not much.”

Alonso has made a point in 2017 of highlighting his talent, preparation and form, and separating them from McLaren-Honda’s conspicuous lack of performance.

And he has already been linked with a return to Renault for 2018.

“Every year you try to do your best to fight for titles, victories and podiums,” said Alonso. “So we will see what possibilities there are next year, for the improvement of McLaren and their prospects for 2018.

“I finish my contract this year and I have the freedom that I did not have previously to be able to change teams or not,” he added.

“I am very open to any possibility, but the most important thing at this moment in my career is to be happy and that means winning. I will try to do it as soon as possible.”

Alonso will lineup 15th for Sunday’s Russian Grand Prix. With his engine penalty, Vandoorne will start at the rear of the field.




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