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How to fix the Milwaukee Bucks in four easy steps


Although Maker played much better on the main roster than anyone could have expected, that wasn’t the original plan.

Ideally, the Bucks would have had Maker destroying people in the D-League (well, the G-League starting next season), but they didn’t have a local affiliate to develop their prized rookie project. That changes for 2017-18, when the franchise opens its direct D-League affiliate in Oshkosh, Wisc.

Milwaukee has a golden opportunity here. The Bucks can build their D-League affiliate to maximize Maker’s potential — and they should. The D-League coaching staff needs to be on the same page as the Bucks’ staff, allowing the team to send Maker back and forth between the two organizations without missing a step.

Because if the Bucks can turn Maker into an All-Star rim-protector and 3-point shooter, they’ll have the rarest of NBA talents.

Russell Isabella Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports