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NYC subway riders will get their dogs on board no matter what anyone says

NYC subway riders will get their dogs on board no matter what anyone saysA new NYC transit rule went into effect last October, which bans dogs from riding the subway — unless they fit inside a “container.” What the powers that be didn’t realize, though, is just how many dogs fit inside containers. In fact, judging by these photos … it seems like
most dogs fit inside bags. SEE ALSO: Dogs, ranked here’s my dog-in-bag on subway photo pic.twitter.com/yXPfPPk6iu — Hanksy (@HanksyNYC) June 7, 2017 Not just a dog-in-a-bag. It’s a pibble-in-a-bag. Not an easy feat. #nycsubway pic.twitter.com/zKbu1t7pfg — Martha Dedrick (@NYCmixology) June 7, 2017 That’s a dog. In a bag. On the subway. pic.twitter.com/4hfqXuMCml — Steven Christoforou (@scchristoforou) November 3, 2016 love the nyc subway . that’s a dog in an ikea bag pic.twitter.com/s3RXkDNbxT — erinVICTON (@luvseungwoo) March 28, 2017 Another one for my dog in a bag in a #NYC subway series. A post shared by S Rai (@sonahere) on Mar 6, 2017 at 5:35pm PST Stop what you’re doing right now. This dog chilling in a purse on the subway needs your attention. pic.twitter.com/jCtI4mTfgO — Adena Andrews (@adena_andrews) April 4, 2017 “Any dog brought onto the subway must fit into a bag” pic.twitter.com/40AcGou5K9 — Maggie Morgan (@MaggieMorgan8) March 10, 2017 My favorite picture EVER of someone bringing a dog “in a bag” on the subway  pic.twitter.com/4PTUNofv68 — Pamela (@PamelasRageLove) June 7, 2017 the New York City Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag and the people of New York did not disappoint. pic.twitter.com/vluNcZHBmW — C (@meanboysclub) June 6, 2017 Let’s hope that, for the sake of these good boys and girls, no one ever thinks to implement a size restriction. WATCH: This giant light rope is the summer gadget you never knew you needed




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