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Shannon Sharpe explains why the Cowboys won't win 10 games in 2017


“I’m looking into the future, the smoke and the haze is starting to clear. I see pain and misery. I see nine wins. I believe they’ll be 9-7.

I know what you’re doing, and I know what a lot of other people are doing. You’re basing it on how well the rookies played last year from last year’s draft class. You’re looking at Zeke, you’re looking at Dak.

How often does that happen, Skip? Normally, if a team is lucky, they’ll have one rookie that plays really, really well. The Dallas Cowboys had two.

They lost their entire secondary and a defensive lineman. You’re banking on the guys that they signed, the rookies, you’re actually expecting them to play as well as Dak and Zeke did offensively, you’re expecting the guys they drafted to play that well defensively? Don’t you think you’re asking an awful lot?”

Kirby Lee Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports