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Skip Bayless makes the case for Kawhi Leonard over LeBron as the NBA's best overall player


“Pop is definitely not saying ‘he’s better than Michael Jordan’ or whatever, it’s just in style, in scoring style, he’s become that guy. And as an on-ball defender … LeBron’s still great at roaming, playing center field. He disrupts. And he’s averaging three steals, albeit against the Pacers and the Raptors, through the playoffs.

Kawhi is a lockdown [player]. He’s like your basic shutdown corner, except he’s 6-foot-7, and he can take a smaller man in 6-foot-5 James Harden and just take him to school. He takes him out of everything he does because he is so quick, he is so long. He is, as you know, ‘the claw.’ So not only does he have long arms, but he has long hands. They’re everywhere.”

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